2016 Gretna Fest


Due to circumstances beyond our control, historic Southern Pacific Steam Locomotive # 745 and train WILL NOT appear at this year’s Gretna Fest! We regret any inconvenience this may have caused.

Please look for SP 745 and her exhibit train at STEAM FEST! Check back here at www.LASTA.org for the very latest on STEAM FEST, scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, October 15th and 16th, 9 am to 5 pm both days on The Fly at Audubon Park!

Steam Up

If you are in the area, please feel free to stop by the yard this weekend.  It will be an excellent opportunity to see the work in progress.

2015 Christmas Party

745 club members will be able to sit in the engineer’s seat and run the locomotive.  Not a member – ask us how!

Gretna Heritage Festival

Dear LASTA Members, your LASTA Crew will be in attendance at this year’s Gretna Heritage Festival, however, the 745 locomotive and her cars will not.
This unfortunate circumstance is due to lack of available rail to switch our equipment caused by the reconfiguration of the yard and adjoining track along the main line. Your Crew continues their efforts to reconfigure track for more mobility in the yard as our stopgap measure until the new location is secured. Plan to come to see all the work at the upcoming Christmas party in December. The exact date will be announced soon.
Meanwhile, we look forward to seeing you at the GretnaFest. Stop by and say hi!
Barry Keegan
LASTA Marketing
LASTA will be present staffing our booth at the usual location on 4th St. and Huey P. Long Ave. along with Operation Lifesaver. We will support our sponsor Ellsworth Corporation with their maritime steam exhibit.

SP-745 Model Train Raffle

On August 5, 2012, the winning ticket for the SP-745 model train raffle was drawn.  The winner, Silas Cunningham of New Orleans, was notified and was quite surprised at his luck.

Steam Fest

Christmas Party

  • Date: Saturday December 3, 2011
  • Time: 1pm to 4 pm
  • Place: LASTA Yard 1501 Jefferson Hwy Jefferson, LA 70121

Yard Update

Track one was removed a few weeks ago. Track 3 and 4 have been gone for nearly a year.

New Yard Update

The new “Discovery Track” is finally finished and is now home to the Sea Island and the Virginia Beach.  These cars will serve as our on-site offices and meeting room. The Sea Island is almost ready to occupy; however, the Virginia Beach still needs a complete interior remodel.

Gretna Heritage Festival


Your dedicated volunteers completed the annual Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) inspection just in time to steam up and operate the engine. She is now fired and under steam at the yard in advance of the move to the West Bank during the day tomorrow under diesel powered escort. Once we arrive at the 4th Street track in Gretna LASTA will drop the fire for the duration of the event and relight for the return to Old Jefferson on Monday the 10th. Come out while we are on the move and crossing the Huey P. Long Bridge on either of these days. The exact move times will be posted as we get them coordinated with our partner railroads.

The engine will be displayed prominently on 4th St. by the intersection of Huey P. Long Avenue. LASTA is bringing the Jefferson Parlor car and the LASTA Caboose along with the “Mike Hankins” Memorial Crew Car. The 745 cab will be staffed for tours again this year. LASTA volunteer and certified instructor “Bigfoot” will staff the Operation Lifesaver display inside the Caboose. The Jefferson will be set up for our members to tour and take a break from the festival action in style.

New this year for the festival is our corporate sponsor Ellsworth Corporation’s large display trailer setup with another batch of beautifully restored marine engines and artifacts. Two of these will be connected to an external compressor in lieu of live steam to actually operate.

Wear you LASTA attire or buy some new items at our gift shop. The LASTA HO-scale model of the consist will be on display for sale of additional raffle tickets. Photographs will be allowed on the front of the engine again this year.

Pass the word along for others that may be headed to the fest to come see us and see how your generous donations have allowed your LASTA volunteers to maintain the last remaining Louisiana built locomotive with meticulous care.

Thank you for your continued support!!

Barry Keegan
LASTA Director of Marketing

Steam Fest III

Visitors were also able to climb aboard our magnificent steam locomotive and our red caboose.

During the event, we maintained 50 lbs of steam so that visitors could feel her ‘alive’. Musical entertainment was provided by Rocky’s Hot Foxtrot Orchestra, Hazel and the Delta Ramblers and Gal Holiday and The Honky Tonk Revue.

745 Journal

Fall 2007 – Coverage of Steam Fest II, and a November Steam Up event with a chance to ride behind 745 at the yard. Christmas party featured Santa arriving at the LASTA yard via red caboose pushed by 745.

Frank Davis does a promo segment on Channel 4 featuring Steam Fest and Steam Up. Donation of 6 wheel roller bearing axles from Baton Rouge NRHS’s passenger consist that was moved from Baton Rouge to Hammond.

Movie Time!

On Saturday, July 14, we gathered at Mike’s house to apply the usual LASTA elbow grease to make some much-needed home repairs.

Later in the month, Listerine on Sundays, a local production, filmed at the LASTA yard for several days. This film is set to be released in early 2008.

745 steaming down the high iron again

On February 7, we departed at approximately 8 am for our test run. We arrived in Baton Rouge around noon, turned at the Canadian National (CN) “Y” and then remained overnight at the KCS Yard .

At 8 am the following morning, we departed for our return trip to New Orleans, arrived at the CN yard just before 2 pm, where we waited until both the north and southbound Amtrak trains passed. We then proceeded to Lambert junction where we met the Public Belt switcher to escort us back to our yard. 745 was back in her home yard by 4:30 PM, successfully completing her first trip since Kansas City Excursion.

Mays Yard by Leo Persick

745 and “The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons”

745 had all lettering removed from her firemen’s side and replaced with a Southern Railroad “SR” logo as well as the “Southern” name. 745 was also renumbered on that side and under the headlight to “682.” The Jefferson Parlor car also had her lettering removed and was stenciled “Southern” along the side and across the rear platform top.