Alan Maleig
Support Crew
Barry Keegan

When Barry is at the yard his spends his time working on historical railroad items but by day he works as a Senior Business Development Manager at NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans. Additionally, his previous experience in the auto repair business has been most helpful in a painting and body repair projects.

Bill Morris
Bruce Brown

Bruce is the former President and founder of LASTA. He remains an active volunteer and recently completed a Thru-Hike of the Appalachian Trail (2,000 miles), spreading the news of 745 along the way. Bruce is previously worked with our membership and relocation committees.

Carl Gustafson
Ed Ernewein

Ed Ernewein was one of the founding members of the Old Kenner Railway Association  (OKRA) , and was involved in the transfer of SP 745 from Audubon Park. He also arranged for the donation of many pieces of railroad equipment to OKRA.  Since retiring from the Federal Railway Administration official ( FRA ), Ed has assumed a greater role in operations and was elected to the LASTA Board in 2016.

Ed Hennisen
Engine Crew
Eric Linderman
J Roger Brown

Roger started volunteering for LASTA in 2002 after seeing write up about 745 in the newspaper. Early assignments included cleaning and spray painting the insides of both theater cars and then doing the carpentry work on the interior of the Jefferson car and theater cars.

James Guilbeau

James Guilbeau (aka Sparky) became involved with LASTA in 2004 when he helped obtain a handheld radio for the statewide tour.  He later worked with Al to rewire the former south-yard for 240/120 volts.  Since then, he has continued to work on documenting and safely improving LASTA’s electrical systems.  He also maintains various electrical & electronic systems in the consist.

Karl Smith
Support Crew

He is a fireman, electrician all-around handyman and comes all the way from New Jersey when we move SP745.

Jim Bellmyer

Jim "Bigfoot" has been with LASTA since 2006 and is the Director of Rail Safety Education and serves as the Liaison for Operation Lifesaver and LASTA and is an NSC certified Defensive Driving Instructor.  He is retired from many years in the Transportation Industry, he is very active in rail grade safety educating the public, teen and adult drivers, Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts in promoting the “Do’s” & “Don’ts” around railroad tracks, he is also a member of the New Orleans Regional Safety Council. Jim was elected to the Board of Directors in 2011.

Lewis Doherty
Membership Director

Lewis currently serves as the Membership Director and the Editor of the 745 Journal.

LJ Jordan
Support Crew
Matt Anderson

Matt became involved with LASTA in late 2004 when he learned about SP745’s and its crew’s radio troubles during a test run of the locomotive. Matt was successful in solving SP745’s radio equipment issues prior to the Bicentennial trip. Since then, he has continued to work on expanding and improving LASTA’s communication systems. Matt also helps maintain various electrical and electronic systems around the yard.

He has also volunteered his time to renovate LASTA’s website as well as creating a Twitter account to keep train enthusiasts updated on SP745 and LASTA events. Matt currently works in the telecommunications industry, providing technical services for broadcast and the wireless data industry.

Mike "Nitro" Herbert
Support Crew

Mike “Nitro” Herbert enjoys working on equipment large and small. “Nitro” works as an equipment operator for Jefferson Parish. He first met former LASTA President Bruce Brown when he was working on the reclaimed oil project at the Parish.

His first job as a volunteer was to change the water pump on Rock Island 745 (“Agnes”). Since then he has worked on or operated all of LASTA’s maintenance-of-way machinery including the big Orton crane and smaller motor cars.  

Nathan Hull
OJ Williams
Yard Supervisor
Phil LaRosa

Phil is currently leading the restoration efforts on our EMD locomotive. He is employed by KCS Railway as a Locomotive Engineer.

Richard Jacobs

Since the early 80’s, Richard has been involved in the preservation of SP 745 and other historic railroad equipment. His mechanical expertise has provided many valuable contributions to LASTA. He currently serves at the Cheif Mechanical Officer. 

Richard also currently serves as the director of the Louisiana Railway Heritage Trust

Ron Goldman
Support Crew
Walt Pierce

Walt serves on the Board of Directors and often works with the media to bring the public’s attention to our organization.  In November 2017, he was elected as the President of LASTA.

Walt has also served on the Amtrak Customer Advisory Committee and is a member of the National Association of Railroad Passengers.

Wayne Minnick

Wayne is currently serving LASTA’s Treasurer and is employed by the USDA as an Information Technology Specialist.